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Speedway Performing Arts Department

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About Speedway Performing Arts Department

Performance Groups Offered

  • West 25th Street Jazz-Jazz Band that meets during the day and after school rehearsals.  Must have teacher approval

  • Sparkleaires-Audition only Choir that meets during the day

  • Choralaires-Choir that meets during the day for anyone 

  • Speedway 500 Regiment-Marching Band and Guard that is part of the band and guard class and has summer rehearsals and are a part of the 500 Festivities every year

  • Speedway 500 Winter Guard-Guard that meets during the day and prepares for IHSCGA competitions outside of school hours

  • Speedway Theater-Theater meets after school and in the evening to produce plays and musicals.  

  • Speedway Concert Band-Concert Band meets during the day in band class and prepares for concerts and ISSMA contest

  • Speedway 500 Pep Band-Pep band meets during the day in band class and perform at various sporting events throughout the year

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"The world is but a canvas to our imagination"

Henry David Thoreau

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Speedway Performing Arts

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5357 W 25th St
Indianapolis, Marion County 46224

317-244-7238 Ext.10108


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