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Jazz Band

There are two jazz bands at the high school.  West 25th Street Jazz is a class that meets during the day and practices after school.  You must have teacher approval for this class but some others may join the after school portion.  This group performs at all the concerts throughout the year, the annual Spring Swing in May, various other events, and they participate is ISSMA Jazz Festival in early March each year.  Many of these musicians also play in the pit for the musical each year as well.  

Lynhurst Jazz is a beginning jazz band open to anyone who wants to learn jazz, a second instrument, or just wants to play.  They meet after school only.

Jazz Band Director - Amy Mohl


The theater department offers two productions a year.  There is a Fall Play and a Spring Musical.  Both productions are based off of auditions.  There are crew positions open for each as well, including:  lights, sound, build, paint, backstage crew, and much more!  There are also opportunities in the Spring Musical for our musicians to accompany the singers while playing in the orchestral pit.  These are all after school and evening rehearsals.  

Head Director - John Miller

Assistant Director - 

Technical Director - Nate Hall

Choreographer - 

Musical Director -


There are three choirs at Speedway High School.  Two of them meet during the day and the other meets in the morning before school one day a week.  The Choralaires Choir (Beginning Choir) is open to anyone in the school who likes to sing, wants to learn to sing, or just wants to try something new!  The Sparkelaires Choir (Advanced Choir) is an audition only group that meets during the day.  They perform harder music and at a variety of extra performances throughout the year.  Both choirs sing at all the concerts and use the first part of second semester to learn the chorus parts to the current musical.  

Sunrise Singers is an optional group that meets before school on Tuesdays.  This group is for anyone!  If you can't fit choir in your schedule, or you just want to sing more, you are welcome!  This group performs at all the concerts.  

Choir Director - Amy Mohl


The band has many aspects that the students are involved.  The Speedway 500 Regiment is the marching band.  They practice in the summer and learn a six minute show.  They compete in the CITSA band circuit and the Indiana State Fair Band Day each summer. They continue practicing during class when school starts.  They then use that show to perform at half-time of the Speedway football games.  The marching band also prepares during class and after school in May for the 500 Festival Parade and the Parade of Bands on Race Day!  

The Speedway 500 Pep Band learns fun and exciting songs to play at our Sparkplug sporting events!  They learn all the songs during class.  They also compete in a Pep Band Competition in January and will be hopefully hosting one of our own for the first time in February 2021!

The Speedway Concert Band practices during class for all of our concerts and ISSMA organizational competition in the Spring.  This is where they really focus on musicianship and solidifying our group!

Band Director - Amy Mohl

Color Guard

The Color Guard program (dance performance) is a class during the day.  They are a part of the Speedway 500 Regiment in the Summer and Fall and practice with the band.  They use flags, dance, rifles, and sabers to perform with the band, adding color and excitement to each show!  They also lead the band during the 500 Festival Parade and Parade of Bands proudly displaying the colors of the 500 flags!

The Winter Guard is part of the class as well.  After the Fall season is over, the class focuses on learning an indoor competitive show.  They compete in the IHSCGA circuit on weekends starting in January.  They also learn work for each of our concerts throughout the year.  This class is open to anyone who is willing to work!

Instructor - Kristen Chambers

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